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League of Legends Collector's Pack

Prepare to enter the arena for an intense battle of Champion versus Champion. In League of Legends, you will act as a Summoner, honing your powers and selecting Champions to send forth into battle. Engage in brutal multiplayer online battles that unfold with stunning swiftness, and grow in power and ability until you can take your place among the best of the best. League of Legends distills the essential elements of team-based competitive MMO-style RPG combat into fast-paced multiplayer battles. Play the role of Summoner, sending any of 40 uniquely skilled Champions into battle and leveling your Champion from weak to powerful as you advance. Battle against your friends in head-to-head multiplayer matches, or compete against configurable AI bots. Join forces with other players to form unbeatable teams, and do your best to defeat your enemies as the action unfolds on hand-crafted, stylized maps that heighten the intensity of the battle experience. In addition, this special Collector's Pack comes complete with 20 additional playable Champions, four special Summoner Runes, $10 of Riot Points for use in the Armory and an exclusive Champion skin featuring Kale, the Judicator.


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Released - Tuesday, October 27 , 2009