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Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports

Jump into the court, charge into the stadium and climb into the ring — there's a major sports competition going on, and you're at the center of the action. When the volleyball rockets through the air toward the edge of the boundary line, dive toward the ground, scoop your arms down and bump it up for your teammate to spike with all of her might. When you hear your opponent breathing down your neck, step it up and jump even faster over hurdles. When you sense a weak moment in the boxing ring, jab your rival in the stomach and watch him fall to the ground. You have the power to win — it's been in your body all along.

The real all-stars of sports don't use buttons or joysticks on the paths to victory — so why should you? Leave your controller in the locker room and step out into the competition with the best tool you have — yourself. In Kinect Sports, real athletic action springs to life in your living room, and it's all controlled with the motions you make. Revolutionary motion-sensing technology recognizes you as you power through six intense sports, making you a true athletic champion. Whether you play on your own or on a team, Kinect Sports will test your limits and bring you glory — if you can handle the action.


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Released - Thursday, November 4 , 2010