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Kinect Sesame Street TV

Do you remember all those afternoons by the TV singing, "can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street" when you were a kid? Who could forget Big Bird's songs, Cookie Monster's constant pursuit of cookies or the Count's iconic laughter? As one of the longest running children's shows in history, Sesame Street brings the same joy to children today as it did to you. Now, with the power of Kinect, your child can experience the beloved show like never before, interacting with the world's favorite monsters as they sing, dance and learn together. The fun-filled world of Sesame Street is closer than you think, and kids can experience it like never before with the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360. Big bird, Grover, Cookie Monster and Elmo invite your child to play in their world, with songs, dances and activities to keep him or her up and moving. The characters will come to life as your child interacts with them through content created exclusively for Kinect as well as a vast archive of classic Sesame Street moments. Both visual and physical interactions help kids learn and have a blast at the same time. Get your child off the couch and into the action with some of their favorite characters for a unique, interactive experience.


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Released - Tuesday, September 18 , 2012
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