NCAA Bball

Baylor Bears vs. Kentucky Wildcats Basketball

Baylor Bears vs. Kentucky Wildcats Basketball

This will be Kentucky's first tough game since their early loss to Michigan State. They are a team of young but impressive players, and are still working out the kinks of a team that hasn't been together long. That being said, they have looked great in every game this season, and Baylor will not have an easy time against these young Wildcats. The Bears will have to control the boards and slow the game down, making their strong defense the difference maker. If Kentucky forces turnovers and gets the break going, it will be a long night for Baylor.


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Venue Information

  • AT&T Stadium
  • 1 Legends Way
  • Arlington TX 76004

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Released - Friday, December 6 , 2013 at 10:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN