NCAA Bball

Kansas Jayhawks at Texas Longhorns Basketball

Cameron Ridley of the Texas Longhorns.

Kansas lost an early game to Michigan State and wasn't tested again until their Big 12 opener, where Iowa State pushed them to overtime. The Jayhawks are still expected to win the Big 12 title once again, and as good as they have looked, it definitely seems likely to be the case. Texas is usually a challenge in the Big 12, and have made the NCAA tournament 14 straight years. This year may change that. They are currently at .500, have started the Big 12 at 0-3, and just took a drubbing at the hands of Iowa State. Kansas will likely run the Longhornss out of their own building.


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Venue Information

  • Frank Erwin Center
  • 1701 Red River
  • Austin TX 78701

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Released - Saturday, January 19 , 2013 at 2:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - CBS