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Blood Stone 007

A dark international conspiracy, run by the most elusive and dangerous criminal masterminds in the world, has seeped its way into the UK. A secretive bio-chemical project, the likes of which could propel humanity to new heights — or wreak complete devastation across the world — hangs in the balance. One thing is for sure: to prevent worldwide catastrophe, it's going to take a man with the instincts of a killer, the fearlessness of hero, the craft of a secret agent — and the suave moves of a Casanova. And that man is Bond. James Bond.

You rip through traffic, throttling into full gear on a bridge high above the water. You handbrake-turn around obstacles as cars explode in fiery orbs. Gunfire shatters your windows as attack vehicles to your right and left unleash bullet after bullet. Coolly, you press ahead. This is your job. As you step into the shined shoes and crisp suit of the double agent who defined generations, the mission is deadlier, the action is more sweeping and your enemy is more secretive than ever before. Embark on a mission that will jet you to the rooftops of Athens, the casinos of Monaco and beyond in an international chase that will demand precise gun handling, gritty hand-to-hand combat and secret-agent strategy. In this continuation of James Bond cinematic splendor, the writer of GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies delivers a thrilling new storyline, led by Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Joss Stone. The deadly action is even bigger online as you join 15 other gamers to skillfully maneuver the mission in teams. Suit up, load up and ensure your enemies get shaken — not stirred.


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Released - Tuesday, November 2 , 2010