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Houston Texans at New York Jets

Houston Texans at New York Jets

The Texans come in to the game at 4-0 and have won each game by at least a touchdown, usually by two or three. Houston's defense has really come together this season to go along with their usual high power offense, and it has made them a team to watch out for. The Jets defense has been pretty sloppy so far this season, and their offense is hit-or-miss, so this could be a very tough game for them. The Jets will have to play the best they have all season, and hope for some Texan mistakes, to avoid a lop-sided game.


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Venue Information

  • Metlife Stadium
  • 102 Route 120
  • East Rutherford NJ 07073

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Released - Monday, October 8 , 2012 at 8:30 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN