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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Take that guitar back in your hand and get ready to rock — this time you're not just playing for fun — the fate of rock 'n' roll is at stake and you must strum, drum and wail your heart out as a Warrior of Rock to preserve the music for future rockers everywhere. Feel the white-hot spotlight burning on your face and hear the crowd roar and chant as you step up to the stage for the biggest challenge of your musical career. Enough of the fluffy stuff — the stadium is packed, the pressure is on and it's time to shred your way through the biggest, sickest and hardest rock songs of all time. Do you have the skill to "Bleed It Out" with Linkin Park, "Dance, Dance" with Fall Out Boy and "Rock In America" with Night Ranger? Or will the slip of your finger cause the loss of rock 'n' roll forever?

Take your Guitar Hero talent to new heights in the franchise's first-ever story-based game mode as you unlock additional content and rewards in Quest mode narrated by notorious KISS frontman Gene Simmons and featuring an original song by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Play your way through an incredible 90-plus-song set list on the only journey that throws you into the huge shoes of Black Sabbath, Queen, KISS, The Cure, Metallica, ZZ Top and more. Even if you've already killed the toughest Guitar Hero songs over and over, Warriors of Rock's Quickplay+ challenges you anew with 13 totally unique gameplay challenges for each on-disc track, as well as most songs in your Guitar Hero music library so your options are essentially limitless. Whether you nab High Score, Band Streak, Star Power Relay or Power Challenges, you'll unlock unexplored bonus features at every turn — if you have the chops to pull it off.


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Released - Tuesday, September 28 , 2010