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There's something about the purr of an engine in an artfully engineered vehicle that instantly gets your blood flowing a little faster. Knowing that only a vehicle of legendary quality, like the one you're in now, could handle the course you're about drive gives you a surge of adrenaline that just continues to rise as you rev the engine. Your mind is focused while you imagine the track ahead of you; the twists, turns, pitfalls and straightaways. The control is all yours. The race is about to begin. It's time to enter the intense, glamorous, aggressive, thrilling and dangerous world of motorsports. It's time to enter the "GRID."  Traverse three continents as you compete in racing events around the world that put you in the driver's seat of a hand-picked selection of iconic cars that showcase the past 40 years' most acclaimed samples. Drift around corners of gorgeously lethal mountain roads, barrel through the intersections of realistically challenging city streets and careen down the straightaways at record-breaking speeds on licensed tracks for a variety of racing environments that will keep your heart pounding. 


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Released - Tuesday, May 28 , 2013
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