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Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

After winning four straight, the Packers have now lost, or tied, four straight, putting themselves in a bad position heading down the stretch towards the playoffs. Detroit has been a bit inconsistent this season, but they have been good enough to position themselves at the top of the NFC North heading in to this game. A win would put some separation between them and the Packers, whereas a loss will have them tied with Green Bay. In the end it will likely come down to the Lions turnovers, because the Packers will make them pay for their errors, if the Lions can't keep the ball in their possession. 


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Venue Information

  • Conte Forum
  • 2599 Beacon St
  • Chestnut Hill MA 02135

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Released - Thursday, November 28 , 2013 at 12:30 PM Local Time
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TV Network - FOX
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