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Front Mission Evolved

Following all-out war, the future nations of Earth vie for dominance of the new frontier of outer space. Global superpowers build orbital elevators in a race to fill this unconquered region with surveillance satellite networks and military way stations. What ensues as the inhabitants of the planet expand their domain to the stars? Will these power-hungry forces bring war to the skies, just as they did on Earth?

Fast forward to the year 2171 A.D. in Front Mission Evolved, a 3rd-person 3D shooter that depicts the aftermath of a planet torn apart by war. The main conflict has ceased, replaced by increasingly frequent border skirmishes that constantly shift the front lines. Armored humanoid battle vehicles, code-named Wanzers (from Wanderpanzers), scan the landscape looking to destroy whichever group has been deemed the resistance. Who will emerge as the dominant power in a war where the battleground's no longer confined to Earth?


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Released - Tuesday, September 14 , 2010