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Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2

You're a faithful disciple of the Fist of the North Star manga. You know each character better than you know your best friend. You've studied each episode blow by blow. But you've never truly felt the impact of every attack, viewed the action from every angle of the battlefield or experienced the foresight of a true martial arts master, until now.

Boldly taking you where the previous "Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage" didn't take you, this completely revamped and re-imagined sequel brings the original manga to life with never-before-seen authenticity and depth. Actualize every epic Fist of the North Star battle and plot detail, and do it from ground level, playing as twice as many characters as before. Increase your perspective by twofold with the ability to fight as Juza, Shew, Falco, Kaioh and other warriors in their video game debut. You'll have plenty for your new characters to explore as you embark on an expanded journey in Legend mode. For the first time, the Celestial Emperor and land of Shura story arcs are yours to relive in the gaming world. Plus, a newly re-imagined Raoh story arc and completely revamped Dream mode open even more avenues for you to travel. With additional episodes come additional enemies. Deal immense damage to your opponents in battle with new abilities, such as the merging of single-blow kills with Warriors-style gameplay, dash and dodge maneuvers and even a martial arts sense of prediction. Earn the title of a true legend by conquering the best players around the world in online team-versus-team battles. Clinch wins in battle to claim unique bonuses and ever-important bragging rights. Are you ready to unleash your Rage?


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Released - Tuesday, February 5 , 2013
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