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Final Fantasy XIV - Online

Prepare to travel to the new and beautiful realm of Eorzea and embark on the multitude of journeys that await you in Final Fantasy XIV. As citizens of this grand and magnificent world, players will explore the far reaches of the land while experiencing unparalleled customization and adventures and realizing objectives — with or without the aid of others. The entire experience has been created to suit a wide variety of play styles — from a throng of soldiers fighting for days on end to a lone mercenary with only a moment or two to spare during the day. The compelling storylines are narrated through high-definition cutscenes and real-time events that feature your highly personalized and versatile character.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is the revolutionary massive multiplayer online role-playing game that places players in the visually stunning realm of Eorzea. Players actively engage in the enthralling storylines while at the same time embarking on adventurous quests that have them exploring the far reaches of this massive world. Players are given the freedom to completely alter the gameplay experience by swapping out equipment or fulfilling objectives — solo or with a group. From immersive storylines to an endless cast of well-developed and fully customizable characters, Final Fantasy XIV Online lets players from around the globe join together for an adventure of infinite possibilities.


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Released - Thursday, September 30 , 2010