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Fighters Uncaged

Rain pours down your face as you pace back and forth along the gritty city docks. The cold numbs your fingers, but you clench them in a tight fist, like your father taught you, as you stare your opponent in the eye. You wait for the signal, launch your fist into the hollow of his cheek — and the battle begins. This is no friendly tournament and there are no ribbons at the end — it's the brutal world of illegal free fighting, and you're the next big name. It's a world where there's no switchblades or guns to hide behind. It's a world where there's only one weapon — your body.

The fight is raw, the blows are real and the competition is fierce in the underground world of Fighters Uncaged. Powered by the controller-free technology of the Kinect sensor and the movements of your own body, the battle comes to life like never before as you punch, kick and even taunt your opponents in a brutal tournament as a fighter named Simon. Take on martial arts-trained foes in gritty arenas from urban rooftops to dark alleys, facing grueling environmental challenges at the same time. Choose your own path, your own unique opponents and your own rewards as you vie to become the victor — and a survivor — in this frenetic, body-encompassing fight to the top.


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Released - Thursday, November 4 , 2010