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It's Saturday. You've donned your uniform and laced up your cleats. You can hear the roar of the crowd, the stomping of feet. They're chanting your name. As you burst out onto the field, adrenaline floods your veins and you know you're ready to dominate. Within minutes of kickoff, you have control of the ball. You deftly maneuver past one defender, block and practically twirl around another. The pressure is intense and you know you'll only have one brief second of opportunity to get off the shot and score the first goal. You tap the ball to the perfect distance from you, so you can adjust your pace to take the shot. With one broad step, you wind back your leg and extend in a perfect arch that sends the ball hurtling through the air towards the net. As the crowd erupts in deafening cheers, you can't hold back the little smirk of satisfaction. Yeah, you got this. The authenticity and reality-based physics of "FIFA Soccer 14" give you the freedom to use your skills, if you have them, to achieve victory with officially licensed clubs and leagues and more than 15,000 players. 


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Released - Tuesday, September 24 , 2013
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