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Far Cry 3

Beyond the bounds of modern civilization, an unexplored island harbors a bloody secret. This exotic and beautiful land appears as a paradise to viewers outside, but you can't judge a book by its cover. The story beneath the surface of this lush community is not a pretty one. Defined by violence, brutality and lawlessness, the island has completely lost a sense of right and wrong, and is a place where any moment could be your last. This is a "Far Cry" from a tourist destination, but when you find yourself trapped amongst the ruthless vagabonds with no escape in sight, you must play by their rules, if you want to survive. Load your gun and get your trigger finger ready as "Far Cry 3" launches you into the most explosive and dangerous mission yet in the "Far Cry" battle. Brimming with the high-octane, high-risk and high-casualty shooter action that you've come to expect from the revolutionary franchise, this next chapter ups the challenge as you find yourself in a land where no one is trustworthy, and everyone is deadly. Snipe unsuspecting enemies from a distance, take them down with your blade at close range or load up with an arsenal of weapons and explosives and head into the action guns hot. Climb massive mountain ranges, explore swampy grasslands, walk along white sandy beaches and battle dangerous foes in towns, temples, river ports and more. Meet a diverse, engaging and realistic cast of characters as you become immersed in the rich storyline. Forget everything you've been taught about treating others with kindness, and learn to live by the principles of violence, or you won't have a life to live at all.


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Released - Tuesday, December 4 , 2012
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