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Fallout 3 & Oblivion Double Pack

Washington, D.C. has been destroyed and all that remains is a post-apocalyptic Wasteland of towns, buildings and the vast unknown. With danger around every turn and horrifying creatures prowling the Wasteland, you must do all that you can to survive. Will you try to communicate with whomever or whatever you encounter, or will you lock, load and blast your foes away? In another world, the kingdom of Tamriel is in grave danger. The gates of Oblivion have been opened and demons march upon the land, threatening to destroy the realm. It is now up to you to find the lost heir to the throne and get to the bottom of the evil plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel. Drop into post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C. in "Fallout 3" and explore the vast Wasteland that used to be the home of the Free World. Create virtually any kind of character you wish, then lock and load as you set out through the towns, buildings and emptiness of the landscape. Stay alert, as danger lurks around every corner and terrifying Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders and more lie in wait. Choose to make your decisions diplomatically and talk out your problems, or destroy anyone and anything you encounter with your Plasma Rifle. Rain down death and destruction with the V.A.T.S. that presents an all-new cinematic combat presentation. Then, when you're looking for a different type of adventure, venture to the kingdom of Tamriel in "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." Create and choose to play as any type of character from a noble warrior to a sinister assassin. Explore towns, dungeons and forests that are realistic and lifelike thanks to next-generation graphics and unprecedented visuals. Experience unbelievable first-person, role-playing gaming with an all-new combat and magic system. Get ready to see why "Fallout 3" and "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" were named 2006 and 2008 Game of the Year winners.


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Released - Tuesday, April 3 , 2012
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