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F1 Race Stars

You've seen them in their glory, slinging around opponents and cruising past the finish line. You've seen them in their pain, crunching into devastating crashes. But you've never seen Formula One drivers quite like this. The most elite racers in the world are about to get a little goofier, a little more colorful and totally under your control as they get a cartoon makeover in "F1 Race Stars." Now, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and dozens of other Formula One superstars have a new team to answer to...yours. Take the reigns of your favorite driver, sport the colors of your favorite team and accelerate into the action in a riotous Formula One world where death-defying loop-the-loops, incredible powerups and high-speed competition will take you on the spin of your life.  "F1 Race Stars" hurls you around the world and invites you to tear up the roads of the most exhilarating real-life circuits from the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championships. Race across speeding bullet trains in Japan, hit the accelerator to leap the swimming pool at Monaco, weave around the twists and turns of the Eau Rouge and more as real Formula One tracks become fantasy racing theme parks that are all yours to explore. With official F1 licensing, "F1 Race Stars" offers you the chance to play as drivers from all of the 2012 World Championship teams, freshly re-imagined as lively cartoon characters. Face off against your family and friends in position-swapping, split-screen competitions or come together to form your own elite team. Collect powerups to get the edge over your rivals as you speed over jumps, zip through shortcuts and explore multiple routes on each track. Three different gameplay modes let you create your own F1 experience, whether you decide to trot the globe in the Championships, select your favorite events in Free Play or race against the clock in Time Trial. Check out the online competition in the RaceNet community, where you can track your best times, compete in 12-player races, climb online rankings and more.


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Released - Tuesday, November 13 , 2012
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