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End of Nations: Special Edition

You live in a world you barely recognize. The streets are full of panicked citizens. Tanks mow down innocent bystanders in a chaotic frenzy of gunfire. In the wake of a financial decline, terrorism and anarchy reign supreme this is the "End of Nations." The organization formerly known as the United Nations is now the Order of Nations, a powerful force wreaking havoc against the world we know and love. Fight for peace, freedom and control as you take down the Order of Nations for the good of society, commanding your own troops armed with government weaponry and complex strategies. Do you have what it takes to save the world? Command your own army in the fight for peace and justice in End of Nations. Lead one of two factions, the Liberation Front or the Shadow Revolution, as you take down the destructive Order of Nations. Engage in epic battles with over 50 other players with free online play in this massively multi-player online real-time strategy game. Choose and modify your units, abilities and super weapons, unlocking upgrades as you strategize new plans of attack. Restore order to the world by ending anarchy and terrorism as you customize your strategy and tactics.  Don't let justice slip through your fingers. This is your chance to end the world's chaos, are you ready, Commander?


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Released - Sunday, March 31 , 2013
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