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Earth Defense Force 2025

Eight years ago, a league of hardcore, gun-slinging heroes recovered humanity from the brink of extinction. But if you thought humankind could once again sleep soundly, you were deeply mistaken. Yes, the Ravagers were dispelled from the Earth's surface, but far beneath our cities and streets, a new breed of threat was evolving. And it's about to be unleashed. Giant insects and aliens are invading the planet again, but this time, from deep within its own core. An evolved enemy demands evolved heroes — and that's where "EDF 2025" steps in. Hardcore shooter fans demanded it, and now the minds at Sandlot Studios are back to deliver the next generation of "Earth Defense Force action." Facing an enemy that's stronger, more numerous and more terrifying than ever, join a revamped, recharged "EDF" to match.

Choose from four new soldier classes, each with multiple armor powerups, and stockpile your arsenal with hundreds of deadly, upgradeable weapons. Dozens of all-new missions, destructible environments and massive swarms of aliens kick up the shooter action, giving you more power to exterminate your foes. If you think you can handle even more heat, put your shooting skills to the ultimate test in the infamous Inferno difficulty mode, or battle it out online in multiplayer competitions. With Earth facing a new catastrophe, the best offense is a hardcore Defense.


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Released - Tuesday, February 18 , 2014
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