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Earth Defense Force 2017

Your help is desperately needed by the "Earth Defense Force." Giant ants and spiders are living among 20-story-tall robots and monsters on Earth in complete and utter chaos, and you're present to watch every unimaginable scene unfold. These alien invaders have landed on your planet and only your heroism can put a dent in their destructive paths. Earth's only hope is for you to join your squad, grab your weapon and defeat the forces that intend to destroy the place you hold most dear.

Join your EDF squad and take on relentless attackers in more than 50 all-out, no-holds-barred missions through city streets, underground caves and coastal zones. With you as their leader, this crew of hardened soldiers will fearlessly charge into battle as only true brothers-in-arms can. As you shoot at your targets, stray shots will bring down skyscrapers, bridges and other mammoth structures in several completely destructible environments. Do you have the fortitude it takes to overthrow these powerful alien invaders?


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Released - Tuesday, January 8 , 2013
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