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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

The intense fights. The awe-inspiring power. The stunning animation. Everything you've always loved about "Dragon Ball Z" is back, and this time your real-life friends are transformed into your onscreen allies...or enemies. Series creator Akira Toriyama again delivers original and unique fighting gameplay in the beloved world of Goku and friends, with a special focus on team battles. Find out who among your group has the skill, courage and ability to come out on top. Get ready to show your pals you have with it takes in "Battle of Z," which captures the amazing fighting style of "Dragon Ball Z" and adds new gameplay elements to mix it up. Along with a revolutionary melee mode, this game allows you to face off against up to seven of your friends in Battle Royale Mode. If versus mode isn't your thing, team-focused online co-op battles might better suit you, so go ahead and join your pals to take down a common enemy. With huge expansive environments to explore and unleash your ki blast power, a new playable Super Saiyan GOD Goku character and the authentic English and Japanese voiceover cast, "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z" will suck you right in for an entertaining experience you won't forget.


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Released - Tuesday, January 28 , 2014
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