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Disney Universe

When you step into the Disney Universe, you better be prepared for a ride like you've never experienced before. Featuring off-the-wall, nonstop action, Disney Universe combines worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar films with legendary characters. Suit up in iconic costumes as you set off on an exciting adventure and battle enemies in this Universe where trouble lurks around every corner. Are you ready for an adventure that offers nonstop excitement? Get ready for the craziest action adventure you've ever experienced in the Disney Universe. Play as more than 40 memorable Disney characters, including Alice, Mike, TRON and Stitch in renowned costumes as you face challenges in legendary Disney worlds. Explore six different environments inspired by Disney and Pixar films where mischief, magic and mayhem rule. Unlock new costumes, collect coins and powerups, vanquish enemies and more. Team up with up to four friends to solve puzzles and defeat opponents or even toss your friend into trouble. You'll need to do more than wish upon a star to make it through this thrill ride.


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Released - Tuesday, October 25 , 2011