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Once, you were honored, trusted, respected even. Once, you had things figured out and you knew your mission, protect the Empress at all costs. But now, the Empress has been murdered and you've been framed. Now, the world is torn apart by plague and oppressed by the government. Now, the truth surrounding your betrayal is as murky as the waters surrounding the city. Now, you are "Dishonored." Life as you know it no longer exists. All you have is the disturbing mask you wear as you forge your path as an infamous assassin. Discover the dark side of an industrial retro-future world envisioned by Half-Life 2 art director, Viktor Antonov. Stalk through the decaying city streets in the plague-infested whaling city as you exact your revenge on those who framed you. Accept assassination missions or become a ghost in the night as you resist corruption, choosing to execute or spare the lives of people will determine the fate of the country. As the government unleashes strange new technologies on the world, you'll have the opportunity to explore the dark arts. Teleport to stealthily approach your victims and bend time to carry out unearthly executions. Will it be enough to help you reveal the truth behind the Empress' murder?


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Released - Tuesday, October 9 , 2012
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