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Diablo III

Deckard Cain scuffs his foot just in front of the ruins of Tristram Cathedral. The stirrings of evil have returned to this world, and these ruins must hold the clues to defeating whatever fresh hell is about to return to the realms of Sanctuary. Just as his hope is fading, Cain spots a glowing ball in the sky. A fiery harbinger of doom hurdles toward him, falling straight from the heavens. Striking the very ground where Diablo once entered the world, the ancient evils of the past reawaken. The fire burns rapidly and it becomes clear that this world is once again in need of a hero. Will you still have what it takes two decades after the last battle? In "Diablo III," you must choose whether to return to the battle as a familiar character class, including the re-imagined Barbarian, or take on this new battle with an all-new class, including the otherworldly Witch Doctor. Decimate your enemies by using the interactive environment to your advantage — lay cunning traps and use destructible objects and environmental obstacles to your advantage with the Havok physics system. The realms of Sanctuary are now rendered in gorgeous 3D for rich gameplay that pulls you in. Join the battle with friends in the intense multiplayer platform that lets you connect with other players so you can jump right into the action.


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Released - Tuesday, September 3 , 2013
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