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Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are coming off a biting loss to the Chargers in last week's Monday night game. Luck and the offense couldn't get anything going, and now they have a short week to make things right before facing the high-flying Broncos. Denver came back to earth a bit last week, and looked more like a great football team, and less like like the unbeatable team they had been. Which means they still won by 16 points, and Manning still managed 295 yards and two touchdowns. Clearly the Colts will have to score to have a chance, but they must also figure out a way to at least slow down the Bronco offense as well.  


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Venue Information

  • Lucas Oil Stadium
  • W South St and S Capitol Ave
  • Indianapolis IN 46225

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Released - Sunday, October 20 , 2013 at 8:30 PM Local Time
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TV Network - NBC
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