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Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons

This match-up features two of last week's best preforming quarterbacks in Manning and Ryan.  Manning helped Denver take out Pittsburgh, mainly running his hurry up offense. He had 2 touchdowns and appeared to be in top form.  Ryan led his Falcons in a rout of Kansas City, having 4 touchdowns and almost 300 yards.  With all the offensive firepower these two teams have, it might just come down to the defense being the game-changers, and that advantage leans to Denver.  Either way this game should be a good one, and well worth staying up for.


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Venue Information

  • Georgia Dome
  • One Georgia Dome Drive SW
  • Atlanta GA 30313

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Released - Monday, September 17 , 2012 at 8:30 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN
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