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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Prepare yourself to deliver devastating damage with a slew of jaw-dropping moves in "Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate." The new Power Launcher move begins just like the Power Blow, but lets you continue firing hits once your opponent is launched into the air for an advanced follow-up that will leave them begging for mercy. Fight in the new Team mode to take on other players in teams of up to seven characters — you must beat all of the fighters in the opposing team to win. All of the costumes you purchased in "Dead or Alive 5" carry over, with the addition of new costumes, hairstyles and other details for each new character, so you have a fresh, expansive array of options. In order to ensure you become a master of each character's moves, "Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate" features a variety of modes to help you get there. Tutorial mode is upgraded with new lessons and missions, while Command Training mode lets you watch how each move is done then practice them for each character. Move details information gives you deeper insight into how to use each move in a fight. Try out Combo Challenge mode to practice Power Launchers, tag combos and other new moves and strategies. With all of these new features, new items in Survival mode, more than 800 titles to choose from, additional character movies and a broad selection of background music, you are ensured the ultimate "Dead or Alive" experience.


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Released - Tuesday, September 3 , 2013
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