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Dark Souls

Set off on a legendary adventure through a vast land in this thrilling RPG. As you explore the world, you'll encounter fearsome enemies and discover new areas while constantly progressing through a foundation of challenges and rewards. From exciting dungeon crawls, to action-packed battles and an adaptable gameplay experience, Dark Souls takes you on a role-playing adventure that you've never experienced before. Prepare for an epic quest through a mysterious and exciting world in Dark Souls. Eliminating barriers by creating a seamless world design, Dark Souls allows you to explore this land set in a rich, dark, fantasy universe. In this unforgiving environment, those who are determined will be rewarded. Strategize freely and creatively to conquer tough challenges, and design your own gameplay style as you play by progressing your character and constantly trying different strategies to achieve success. Encounter nearly 100 despair-inducing monsters in 60 hours of gameplay that puts your concentration and skills to the test. Master the unique weaponry and magic spells system to enhance your player success and progression by knowing which magic spells and weapons to use and when. Carefully choose which abilities to develop as you progress your character. Meet other players in online networked play and interact them while you play your own game. Featuring thrilling dungeon crawls, terrifying enemy encounters and innovative online features, Dark Souls takes you on a truly unique RPG experience.


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Released - Tuesday, October 4 , 2011