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Company of Heroes 2

It's 1941. You're surrounded by an endless blanket of snow. You can hardly make out the shape of your enemy in the distance, but you know you're under attack when you begin to see red. Luckily for you they're on your turf. From the makers of the award-winning "Company of Heroes" franchise comes the thrilling sequel. Partake in the most grueling battles of World War II to defend Russia from the Nazis. The motherland is calling. Become the commander of your own Red Army as you experience World War II firsthand in "Company of Heroes 2." Strategize your plan of attack, developing and utilizing your Commander Abilities and planning Dynamic Battle Tactics as you destroy Nazi invaders. Use your snowy homeland to your advantage as you immerse yourself in frontline warfare on the infamous Eastern front. Use the cutting-edge technology of the TrueSight system to command your army with skill and accuracy. Team up with your friends or fight against other commanders in competitive and co-operative multiplayer battles online. Your military strategies hold the power to define the war, but also your reputation. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to protect your homeland?


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Released - Tuesday, June 25 , 2013
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