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Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Chicago started the season trying to find their identity with Rose back on the court. Now they are trying to re-establish themselves as a team without Rose once again, and looked to be leaning on Deng to pick up a bulk of the offense. That was until they lost him to injury as well, so now who knows what Chicago is going to be able to accomplish. Luckily for them, they face the Knicks, who are doing even worse than the Bulls, but for no real good reason. They just really seem to be a lost team at this point, and without major changes, they look to be well on their way to languishing near the bottom of the East for the remainder of the season.


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Venue Information

  • The Theatre at Madison Square Garden
  • 4 Pennsylvania Plaza
  • New York NY 10120

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Released - Wednesday, December 11 , 2013 at 8:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN