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2013 Capital One Bowl: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Georgia Bulldogs

2013 Capital One Bowl: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Georgia Bulldogs

With their loss in the SEC Championship game, the Bulldogs dropped from playing for a National Championship to playing the lowly Big 10's second place team. Nebraska was arguably the best eligible team in the Big 10 this year, but they failed miserably in the conference championship game. If they play anything like that against the Bulldogs, they will get whipped by an even greater margin. Nebraska has a great rushing game, but against an SEC team that is known for good defense, the Huskers may have trouble getting anything going.


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Venue Information

  • Florida Citrus Bowl
  • 1610 W Church St,
  • Orlando FL 32805

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Released - Tuesday, January 1 , 2013 at 1:00 PM Local Time
TV Network - ABC
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