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Capcom Essentials

Featuring Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2, Super Street Fighter IV and Mega Man 10 games, this "Capcom Essentials" bundle is absolutely bursting with fast-paced, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Travel the globe, take down zombies, battle demon slayers, show off insane fighting skills and more for hours of classic Capcom action. Beware, after this, real life may seem a little dull in comparison. With four interwoven storylines and seven main protagonists, Resident Evil 6 takes you back to the terror of the epidemic, on a global scale. Travel from North America to Eastern Europe to China and back as you face down the horrific c-virus. Dive into a gothic, supernatural world in Devil May Cry 4 where newcomer Nero must contend with series' mainstay and infamous demon-slayer Dante. Experience unprecedented fighting options, unmatched action and mind-blowing style in the midst of a gripping storyline. For Chuck Greene, nothing is more important than securing the Zombrex injections to stop his daughter Katey's transformation into a zombie in Dead Rising 2. For that reason, he gladly enters the gruesome game show Terror is Reality, so he can win big prizes by facing down terrible zombie-filled environments. Super Street Fighter IV redefined the fighting genre and features classic 2D-fighting action, a host of new characters, enhanced online gameplay and an exceptional ultracombo system for extreme fighting fun. Duke it out retro-style in Mega Man 10, which is packed with side-scrolling action and classically inspired bosses, all in old-school 8-bit NES-style gameplay, graphics and sound. What more could you ask for out of one seriously outstanding bundle?


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Released - Tuesday, October 8 , 2013
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