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Louisville Cardinals vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish-Big East Semi-Final

Louisville Cardinals vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish-Big East Semi-Final

Notre Dame upset Marquette last night to set up a rematch with Louisville. The first game between these two this season was the crazy 5 overtime battle that saw Notre Dame walk away with a win. Louisville easily won the second round, but Notre Dame is looking to improve their seeding in the NCAA so a win today would be a huge boost for them. Louisville is playing for a chance at a #1 seed in the tournament, which a loss today would likely destroy. Either way we get to see two tournament teams playing at the top of their games, battling for a chance to play in the Big East Final.


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Venue Information

  • Madison Square Garden
  • 4 Pennsylvania Plaza
  • New York NY 10001

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Released - Friday, March 15 , 2013 at 9:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - ESPN