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Auburn Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Auburn Tigers at Alabama Crimson Tide Football

After having their world turned upside-down two weeks ago when they were upset by Texas A&M, the Tide got some outside help and now they are favorites to return to the National Championship game. They first have to go through Auburn, which shouldn't be terribly difficult, as the Tigers haven't won an SEC game yet, and their three wins have come against non-BCS programs. This is a big rivalry so Auburn will be playing their hearts out, but Alabama should make short work of them anyway. The Tide will then face Georgia in the SEC Championship to decide which of those teams will make it to the National Championship.


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  • Bryant Denny Stadium
  • Tuscaloosa AL 35487

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Released - Saturday, November 24 , 2012 at 3:30 PM Local Time
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