NCAA Bball

Arizona Wildcats at Oregon Ducks Basketball

Johnathan Loyd of the Oregon Ducks.

Arizona is likely a top seed in the NCAA tournament, and could be playing for the overall number 1 seed. They seemed to have things on track after dropping their only two games in early February while adjusting to losing a starter for the season. Oregon had big expectations after a solid tourney showing last year, and starting this season at 13-0, but then they ran into the Pac-12, and seemed to fall apart. The Ducks have looked good since mid-February though, winning six straight, including over UCLA and Arizona St. They may need this win to push them into the tournament though, so expect them to give the Wildcats all they can handle.


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  • Marcus-mariota-of-the-oregon-ducks._article_story_main
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Venue Information

  • Matthew Knight Arena
  • 1776 E. 13th Ave
  • Salem OR 97403

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Released - Saturday, March 8 , 2014 at 4:00 PM Local Time
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TV Network - CBS
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