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Arizona State Sun Devils at Stanford Cardinal Football

Tyler Gaffney of the Stanford Cardinal.

This meeting between two ranked Pac-12 rivals is shaping up to be the game of the week. ASU made their way into the ranking this week after defeating Wisconsin last week. Yes, they may have won on a questionable call, but they fact that the Sun Devils were in the position to win that game means they are a quality team that could give Stanford a scare. Stanford may turn out to be a juggernaut this season, but in their first two wins, they showed some weaknesses. First, their defense is good, but not unbeatable, as Army showed last week. Second, they have been a bit slow starting, which will hurt them if it continues in to Pac-12 season. The Sun Devils likely won't pick up a win in this one, but they can definitely make a statement to the rest of the conference, if they play well, and keep the Cardinal close.


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Venue Information

  • Stanford Stadium
  • Palo Alto CA 94305

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Released - Saturday, September 21 , 2013 at 7:00 PM Local Time
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