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Aliens: Colonial Marines

In space, no one can hear you scream, and there will be plenty of screams when fighting the Xenomorph menace. Navigating the tight corridors and claustrophobic environments only adds to the tension, so enlist the help of the US Colonial Marines to assist you in wiping out this alien infestation. Just another glorious day in the Corps. In this true sequel to James Cameron's Aliens, you experience the same authentic environments that helped make the films so eerie, including Hadley's Hope, Sulaco, and LV-426. Any moment could define your death, so help yourself to the arsenal of classic Marine weapons like pulse rifles, motion trackers and flamethrowers. Customize your character with the extensive upgrade system, and earn experience to unlock perks, new weapons, and new looks to create a killing machine that will send even Xenos running in fear. Fight the alien menace alone, or get up to three buddies to drop in at any time and help you fight for humankind.


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Released - Tuesday, February 12 , 2013
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