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2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa

The stadium shakes with a thunderous roar from the crowd as your heart pounds beneath your jersey. This is the moment you've been playing for your entire life — the chance to hoist the World Cup. You run onto the pitch with your countrymen to start the match with the weight of a nation on your shoulders. The faceoff is won, you take the pass and head up the field, dribbling the ball and dodging defenders as you make your way toward the goal. The keeper's and your eyes meet — he thinks left, you head right — and you fire a rocket toward the net.

2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa lets you take on the world in the largest sporting event on the planet. Lead your home nation from qualifying all the way through to the FIFA World Cup Final, and make history when you raise the World Cup as the greatest soccer country on the globe. Incredibly detailed visuals and gameplay from all 10 officially licensed stadiums, including confetti cannons, streamers, flags and fireworks, provide a lifelike experience. After you've claimed the Cup in local gameplay, compete against other players around the world online in the first-ever full and authentic 2010 FIFA World Cup online tournament. Prove your nation is the best soccer power in the world.


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Released - Tuesday, April 27 , 2010