Horse Racing

140th Kentucky Derby

Dance with Fate and Medal Count are both scheduled to run today's Derby

We certainly hope you ordered your Derby Pie weeks ago because, as you well know, there is only one official maker of Derby Pie, and all other Derby-esque pie must not be termed Derby Pie.  We actually think the injunction is serious enough that you, yourself, are not allowed to make a Derby Pie called Derby Pie (we could be wrong about that).  Pressing past that, however, today is the first leg in the Triple Crown, the historic Kentucky Derby, and the race is celebrating its 140th anniversary.  Will there be a Triple Crown winner this year?  After today, only one horse has that chance.


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Venue Information

  • Churchill Downs
  • 700 Central Avenue
  • Louisville KY 40208

More Details

Released - Saturday, May 3 , 2014 at 6:30 PM Local Time
Official Website
TV Network - NBC