Amazing news: already, I've been given the opportunity to test my new Zach Galifianakis name-spelling device, and I have to say, it really holds up. Commit this thing to memory immediately if you haven't already tattooed it onto your arms, "Memento"-style.

Zach G. was scheduled to be a guest on the "Today Show" this morning, and he apparently found the green room too stifling for his creative impulses. So he took it upon himself to wander back and forth behind anchor Natalie Morales during a prior segment. Unsatisfied or perhaps angry that Natalie called him "Jack," the "Hangover" star then interrupted a rather creepy setup involving Martha Stewart and some online suitors. And then, he dropped the best macrame joke this side of the Mississippi chapter of the Red Hat Society.

Here's hoping tomorrow also brings me an opportunity to brag about my newfound spelling abilities.

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