(Quick Guide: The Jones segment begins at 3:45. Jones makes his first Nazi reference at 4:17. Jones goes totally out of his mind at 8:57.)

Remember Alex Jones? He's the doughy Texas radio host who gave Piers Morgan an earful back in January over the gun control issue. Now he's back with a brand-new rant that actually sounds more or less like the old one, with references to hydrofluoric acid, bone cancer, a Nazi plan to conquer Europe economically (in present day!), mega-banks, FEMA concentration camps and the annual Bilderberg conference all fused together into one giant vat of crazy that will likely make perfect sense to any of his (gulp) 3 million radio listeners. The greatest moment, though, comes courtesy of BBC One host Alex Neil, who recovers just enough from Jones' explosive tirade to state, absent any hint of irony: "You are the worst person I've ever interviewed." Ok, I'm off to build a bomb shelter now.

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