If there's one undeniable truth about human beings in the year 2014, it is that we are easily mesmerized by looping internet video clips involving celebrities, and tonight's Grammy Awards provided no shortage of moments that lent themselves perfectly to this vaguely-alarming phenomenon. If you didn't get a chance to watch the big show, never fear! We've got the only roundup you'll ever need right here.


Beyonce sneaks a snifter:

Daft Punk hug it out:

Katy Perry shows off her new Hot Topic wardrobe: 

Bruno Mars is sleeping on the couch:

Ryan Lewis plays stage manager for Queen Latifah:

Taylor Swift is actually, really surprised, and not in a good way:

Lorde has another dance-seizure:

CBS demonstrates where they really stand on equality:

Blue Ivy has a new sippy cup:

Taylor Swift masters the art of sore-losing (again):

Yoko Ono grooves to Ringo and Paul from the comfort of outer space:

Ozzy has an Ozzy moment:

Taylor Swift has sex with a piano:

Pink's thighs could probably kill you:

Dat ass, Pt. 1:

Dat ass, Pt. 2:

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