The signs of Blue Shirt™ love affair began as early as 2012 when Tom wore this to The Avengers premiere. 

Photo By: Paul Zinken/dapd


It popped up again, on Sesame Street of all places, in September of 2013. After quietly percolating the relationship for over a year, the Blue Shirt™ had reached its final form. Soon the insidious nature of this cerulean menace would reveal itself.

Source: PBS


By the time Tom appeared at Britain's "Meet the Filmmakers" event in October of 2013 the co-dependency was clear. However, he seemed in high spirits, convinced this was his true fashion love. But inside sources* knew better.

Photo By: Jonathan Short/Invision/AP 

*sources may or may not be entirely fictional creations of the author of this piece

Soon the Blue Shirt™ had even taken on management duties, accompanying Tom on photoshoots and podcasts, as pictured here with Chris Hardwick aka The Nerdist.

Source: Yahoo! Movies


Now inseperable and unable to see the Blue Shirt for the user it is, Tom whisked his favorite button-down on a whirlwind tour of the world. They made stops in South Korea.


Soaked up culture at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Source: @twhiddleston

And even took romantic selfies from the Great Wall of China. But then...DISASTER.

That whore cheated on him with his co-star. And they flaunted it in his face at the Thor: The Dark World premiere. Just look at the devastation hiding behind that forced smile. For shame.

Photo By: John Shearer/Invision/AP

Will Tom ever find love again? Can he forgive Chris Hemsworth for falling for the siren song of cobalt cotton blend? Only time will tell.



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