Ever since 'The Blair Witch Project' introduced a whole generation to shaky cam pseudo-documentaries, there's been something vaguely unsettling about characters facing away from the camera. Even fifteen years (!) out, trying to stare at this image elicits a reaction from fear to straight up panic.

So is Hollywood actively seeking to give movie goers the heebie-jeebies in 2014? Just imagine seeing these posters lined up one after the other and be the judge.

#1 - So Cap, what are we looking at? 

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

#2 - Seriously guys what are we staring at? Is it the water?

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures


#3 - Ha ha! Very funny. Time to turn around guys. It's the water isn't it? Answer me.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

#4 - Come on, joke's over. You're starting to freak me out.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

#5 - Dude, seriously. The TV isn't even on. What do you mean 'Yes it is.'?

Image Credit: Brillen Entertainment

#6 - Oh God, they even got Paddington. This is not okay.

Image Credit: Studio Canal


#7 - Even the buildings won't look at us!

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

#8 - That's it. Sleeping with the lights on forever. Thanks Hollywood.

Image Credit: Blancbiehn Productions