You may not know that you've always wanted to see Andy Samberg dressed as a futuristic Liberace, but now that you have, you'll probably come back and revisit the image once or 100 times a day. And then there's the bonus of bearing witness to Paul Rudd with a 70s porn mustache and Robyn in a metal vagina plate. It can only say good things about your video if Diddy is the least cool person in it.

All together now, ready? In your outdoor voices. "Indiana Jones and whip your fucking dick out."

Liana Maeby grew up in Los Angeles and it has made her just as terrible as you'd expect. A graduate of USC's film school, she previously worked as an editor for, and has written for publications like Interview and The Village Voice. Her first book, a satirical work entitled "Earl Can Hurl (You Can Hurl Too)" written when she was eight, remains unpublished.