The folks over at CineFix are back and to take on the cult classic 'The Fifth Element.' Before she was consumed by the hungering beast that ironically will not die known as the 'Resident Evil' franchise, Milla Jovovich burst onto the geek scene in an inferno of orange hair and medical bandages. Why this 1997 film didn't have an accompanying cash grab video game is anyone's guess but with the power of the Internet, that problem has been half-way solved.

Anyone who has a soft spot in their heart for the words 'Multipass' and operatic blue aliens would gladly spend their hard earned credit sticks to play this on a tablet. Let the consoles go to war with their flashy high-res graphics and 'realistic' physics engines and incremental steps towards a Holodeck future that will no doubt be the end of society as we know as everyone merely lives out their perfect lives cocooned in a virtual playground. The rest of us just want to see pixalated Korben Dallas and Leeloo kick alien ass up and down the 256 color screen.

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