Every year, the Emmy nominations are announced at an unconscionably early time and the 2014 Emmys were no exceptions. But only now that the list of nominees is out there does it occurs to me WHY this is. It's to stunt outrage obviously. How angry can a snubbed show's fan base get before coffee after all? Turns out, indignant rage is a fine substitute for caffeine. You lose Emmy masterminds.

For the second year in a row, Tatiana Maslany was snubbed for her MULTIPLE ROLES as the lead in 'Orphan Black.' The drama itself was also overlooked for a second year in a row. If you weren't familiar with the rules, perhaps you might think it's because it is a BBC show but no. BBC America counts for consideration so there goes that argument. Maybe the Academy just hates sci-fi? 'American Horror Story: Coven' debunks that. So what is it, Emmy voters? Just tell us. While we wait, let the Internet explain to you exactly how badly you messed up.

#1 - The most likely explanation, to be honest.

#2 - Tatiana is trying to save you nomination space!

#3 - She's willing to put in the work. What is your problem, Academy?

#4 - Was this your reason? Was it? You can tell us.

#5 - The fans are willing to pitch in for a last minute change.

#6 - Because quite frankly, how dare you with this nonsense?

#7 - Did she push you all collectively into your high school locker or something? If so, let it go man.

#8 - There's still time for this to be true, you know.


#10 - 'Orphan Black' Clone Club just came out to have a good time, and quite honestly we're feeling so attacked right now.

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#11 - But it's all right. Awards aren't everything. Social media is.




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