Master sleezeball Robin Thicke just released a new video, for the piano-fueled "Feel Good." And it's a departure from the absurd nudity of "Blurred Lines," as the girls in this video remain fully (or, like, mostly fully) clothed -- which just means that Robin has to find more innovative ways to creep up out.

But don't worry, he more than succeeds. Here are the video's 10 grossest moments:

1. Oh, just sniffin' a glittery rose like how a totally normal, not creepy human does.

2. Double-entendre? Ew! Sorry for the worst visual ever.

3. Cool guy Robin can dance and smoke at the same time.

4. "Hello, are you an angel? Just another stripper. Oh."

5. It does not feel good!

6. Are you pointing at me, Robin Thicke?

7. Robin Thicke's smile has been sponsored by the Nevada Tourism Bureau.

8. Glitter that gets you drunk?? It's a teenage girl's dream come true.

9. Go on and bite that bottom lip, Thickie!

10. Worst Bachelor ever.

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