I'd estimate that I talk about how much I want a direwolf about 4 times a week. Sometimes it's said in a wouldn't that be cool? tone, other times I play it off as a joke, and sometimes I murmur it aloud, wistfully, while I'm all by myself.

It's just that, you guys, I really, really want a direwolf!

And now Sansa Stark? She has a direwolf. Okay, Sansa Stark always had a direwolf, now Sophie Turner, the actress who plays the crimson-haired lovely, also has a diewolf. Specifically, she adopted the dog who played  her Lady on "Game of Thrones," took her home, and named her Zunni.

I have never before been so jealous of another human being. Unless Emilia Clarke gets to take home one of her dragons, in which case I will be frothing at the mouth.

(via Uproxxx)

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